Thursday, March 31, 2011

Martyrdom of Probius

Probius was martyred for his faith during the reign of Emperor Maximian in the Roman Empire around 250 A.D. He was whipped until blowed flowed out of him, and then we was thrown in prison chained to an area. Just a few days later, he was brought out of the cell because he was commanded to sacrifice to the Roman gods. He knew the price he would pay if he refused: he'd be tortured and killed. He said this:

"I come better prepared than before, for what I have suffered has only strengthened me in my resolution. Employ your whole power upon me, and you shall find that neither you, nor the Emperor, nor the gods you serve, nor even your father the devil, shall compel me to worship idols."

Probius paid the expected price. He was sent back to get tortured some more and eventually died by the sword.

Rest In Peace, Probius

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