Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Martyrdom of Thomas Hudson

Thomas Hudson was a devout English Christian in the 16th century. His strong Christian witness was the reason that he was scheduled to be executedin 1558. A bishop was questioning him again and again in order to get Hudson to deny his faith. Hudson had never denied Christ and refused to do so even when he was standing in the place of execution with many onlookers who were curious if the unfaltering Christian would give up his faith to save himself.

Just before the chain tighened around his neck, he stooped, slipped out from the chain, and stood to one side. The Christians who were witnessing this event began to pray that God would do something miraculous there.

Hudson knelt down because he had suddenly been attacked with doubts and felt his faith growing weak. Not wanting to die like that, he prayed for God to give him comfort, and He did. Then Hudson stood up with renewed strength and joy. With boldness he said, "Now, thank God, I am strong. I don't care what man can do to me!"

Thomas Hudson went back to the stake and put the chain around him, and he died a Christian martyr. His boldness and love for Christ strengthened the faith of the Christians who witnessed this, which caused the Protestant movement to grown even more.

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