Saturday, May 21, 2011

Martyrdom of Thomas Hauker

Thomas Hauker died in England in 1555. He was in prison the day before he was killed, and his friend next to him said "Thomas, I have to ask you a favor. I need to know if what the others say about the grace of God is true. Tomorrow, when they burn you at the stake, if the pain is tolerable and your mind is still at peace, lift your hands above your head. Do it right before you die. Thomas, I have to know."

Thomas promised he would.

The next day, Hauker was bound to the stake and the area was lit on fire. Hauker's skin was burning and his fingers disappeared, and he remained motionless. Everyone thought he was dead until all of a sudden he lifted his burning hands above his head toward the heavens and clapped three times.

The people watching began to cheer and applaud. Hauker's friend's request was answered.

R.I.P. Thomas Hauker

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