Sunday, June 26, 2011

Suffering of Kiffien, Perfectus, and Adalbert

Kiffien was Bishop in Germany, and preached to Germany. He actually converted the governor, and God did an incredible thing with that moment because his incredible testimony was so powerful that in just two years it inspired most of the citizens in that town to convert. In A.D. 689, Kiffien managed to convince the governor that his marriage to his brother's widow violated God's will. This made the governor's wife angry enough to order Kiffien to be beheaded.

Perfectus was born in Corbuba, Spain in the 9th century. He was raised in the Christian faith, was intelligent, and read as many books as he possibly could. He became an ordained priest as a young man. In A.D. 850, he was bold enough to declare that Mohammed was an imposter, which resulted in his beheading. Spain became a Muslim-dominant nation since the early part of the 8th century.

There was a bishop in Prague in the 10th century named Adalbert, and there was a point in his life in which he became increasily burdened for the conversion of infidels, so he went to a city in Persia where, by the work of the Holy Spirit, he converted and baptized many citizens. All these conversions and the visible work of God at work caused the leaders of the town to attack and kill him with long darts.

May God continue to use the current results from the work of these men centuries ago.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Suffering of Nadejda Sloboda

Sometime in the 1960's, Nadejda Sloboda told her neighbor to come to her house and listen to the radio with her. Her reason? "A man is preaching the Word of God from the Bible, and these broadcasts are changing my life.

Slobada was the first one in her village in the U.S.S.R. to come to Christ from radio broadcasts transmitted to her village. Her zeal for Christ started a church in her community. The church grew to the point of police supervision so that other communities wouldn't hear about it. Because of this, her children were taken to an Atheist school and she was thrown in prison for four years.

Slobada was active in sharing her faith to her fellow prisoners. Because of this, she was forced to sleep on the cold concrete with no mattress. It's said that prisoners sleep standing up with their foreheads against the walls in order to get the best type of sleep. Prisoners find it very difficult to sleep in these conditions. She also was forced to perform difficult labor. The Communist guards thought she would breakdown from the lack of sleep and extreme labor, but her faith never shrunk.

She says that the way she endures it is when she lies on the floor she trusts in God, and it becomes warm around her. "I rest in the arms of God."