Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Faith of True Believers

Throughout history there have been stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the cause of Christ. During the Communist regime of the Soviet Union in the midst of the Cold War, there were numerous stories of Christians standing firm in their faith. Many people do not know that the Communists in the Soviet Union hated God; they infiltrated atheism into every aspect of people's lives. They did their best to put Christians away from the podium; they put many in prison. The Communists hated God and brainwashed many people. They promoted Marxism. Millions of Christians were killed during this period because of their faith.

Thankfully, Christianity was growing at a rapid pace, despite the fact that the government was trying to stop it. A famous Christian reported seeing a pastor in a Communist prison who was speaking to other prisoners about Christ. Suddenly, a few guards took the pastor out of the cell. Ten minutes later he was thrown back into the cell, bleeding, bruised, and swollen. It was a terrible sight. The pastor slowly got up off the floor and said to the other prisoners "Sorry for the interruption, brethren. Now where was I?" And he resumed his discussion! The person who reported this incredible incident said "I have seen beautiful things inside these prison cells!"

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