Saturday, August 25, 2012

He Was Commanded to Preach


In the year of 1964 in the country of Romania, a pastor was released from prison. A Communist officer asked "What will you do now?"

The pastor answered, "I will begin my Christian work whether you allow it or not, where I left off when you arrested me." (The pastor's my name was Boian of Ploiesti).

Boian stayed true to his promise and it wasn't long before he had to reappear in court. The judge asked "Do you regret preaching illegally?"

Boain: "Why do you have laws that forbid what is pleasing to the Lord? If you apply them, God will punish you here and in eternity."

"You were not allowed by us to preach."

"God not only allowed me to preach, but commanded me to do so. Read the order yourself in the Bible. You will find it in Matthew 28:19,20."

He was sentented to 8 years in prison.